"Cereal Killer" Spoon by MilkandHoneyLuxuries

Hi my name is Leisha and I love wire wrapped and this custom my style #salmonnaturals

Thanks for the submit, Leisha!   

Guys, go check out her shop!  She has some very very cute stuff at very reasonable prices, and her reviews are all 5 stars!  :) 


I made this for a show with an artist group I am a part of in Seattle. The show’s theme was “Gems” So this is my crystal growth mug! Half mug half sculpture.

and here is a link to the actual mug listing :)



Latest shop review thanks for the hearts!! feeling the love #salmonnaturals hand crafted (via SalmonNaturals on Etsy - Shop Reviews)

Love love love this ear cuff! 

Charles, something like this would look ADORABLE on you. 


Wraparound Mouse Ring

This tiny mouse will hug your finger for as long as you let it. It’s likely seeking protection from your vicious cat. Sold on Etsy.

Need awesome stuff for Faire or just to be awesome? Look here!


Our new “A Little Bit Brown, A Little Bit Grey" Leggings. Perfect for those with a completely original and daring sense of style.

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